First after opening the kit, I usually skim the instructions through. I am just one of those people that likes to skim through first. Then I take out the thread and sort it through. I like to use the cross stitch project cards for this. Sometimes it is hard to tell which color is which some colors are really similar. Looking at the picture of the created cross stitch helps. I also identify the beads. The beads come in two packages which is helpful. On the list one bag is identified with an asterisk. I take one of each color bead and put it on a thread in the same order they are listed on the instructions.

This is the picture of the first one I have done banner style. It is the Beartooth Santa, one of the Rocky Mountain Santas. I am doing the Wales Santa, one of the Celtic Santas, next.

This is my new project for May 2021. I plan to hopefully finish a number of these for Christmas. These Mill Hill kits are great. They come complete with everything you need to get started – pattern, floss, beads, needles and perforated paper. I am not a big fan of the perforated paper so I will be doing these on 18 count white cross stitch fabric (because I have some extra from another project ). I plan on then sewing it onto some felt backing and making it into a banner. I have done one like this already and will post a picture in the next post.


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