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Wales Santa

Wales Santa completed!

Well, it is mostly completed, I am still trying to decide if I want to paint the dowel hanger or not.

To this point- I cut two pieces of dark green wool felt about 1” larger then the cross stitch picture. I centered the Santa and attached it to the green felt using white embroidery floss with a running stitch. I the cut three pieces of red ribbon to make the hanging loops. I used red embroidery floss and did a blanket stitch attaching the green felt backing and the loops ( I centered the loops and sewed them in between the two green felt pieces. And it is finished for now. I will probably work on another one in a couple months either the Scotland or Ireland one.

Wales Santa continues

So I am continuing to work on the Wales Santa by Mill Hill.

I like to begin at the top and work my way down. I will wait to add the beads and the beard until all the other stitches are complete. I am using a small wood hoop for doing this. Because of the size and because this is Aida, I am not fixing the edges. If I were using linen I would probably run a zigzag stitch around the edges to keep the fabric from fraying.

I am trying out a ball tip needle on this rather then the needle in the kit. I do like the needles they give with the kit, I just heard about these needles and wanted to give them a try. It seems to be working well. It helps with placing the needle right in the hole.

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